We’re finally here, the Aftermatch project is at the end and the best is yet to come! The final event of the Aftermatch project will take place in San Donà di Piave (Italy) on the 13 th -14 th of December, all the partner organizations will reunite and present the results of the project and the main activities.

On the evening of the 13 th at the Metropolitan theatre Astra in San Donà di Piave the partners managed to have an edutainment show entitled “Port3” conducted by Pasquale Gravina; Gravina is a former volleyball player with an impressive sports career, in fact he won 6 Italian Championships and 2 World Cups among many other successes.

“Port3” is an engaging course that, through the active use of the sport metaphor, allows you to reflect on the most important moments in the personal and professional life of every single individual looking for improvement.

The Aftermatch project may be ending but we hope that the results presented during these two days will highlight the importance of dual career development and of guidance for life beyond sport.